Climate Telling


Learning Together

Exploring health and wellbeing through traditional knowledge and science.


Building Community

Bringing people together from across the Canadian North.


Activating Change

Adapting to climate change through collective action.


The impact of climate change on human health represents a key concern facing northern First Nations, Inuit, and Indigenous communities in the 21st century. The Climate Telling web portal highlights the collective efforts of many of these communities as they strive to understand and address the challenge. It provides valuable research and communications tools for developing climate change adaptation strategies and action plans. It aims to enable both North-South communication and across the circumpolar world by providing a platform for scholars, professionals, and community advocates to share their experiences and expertise. And foremost, it hopes to contribute to sustaining and promoting the health and wellbeing of Indigenous peoples in changing times.

Community Project Profiles

  1. Rigolet

    Project Title:

    1. Changing Climate, Changing Health, Changing Stories: a capacity development approach to community-based participatory health research in Nunatsiavut, Canada
    2. Changing Climate, Changing Health, Changing Stories 2: uniting Nunatsiavut Youth and Elders through stories, community-based research, and wisdom

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